Used Volkswagen Cars For Sale

The first Volkswagen – the car that came to be known as the beetle - came to market in pre-war 1935 Germany, the brainchild of famed German engineer Ferdinand Porsche. Post-war, beetles started to be produced for the British Army, keeping the factory alive and helping it become the world’s third largest motor vehicle manufacturer. Just 20 years later – in 1955 - the one millionth beetle rolled off the production line.

Since then, Volkswagen acquired Audi and was able to bring the manufacturer’s expertise with front-wheeled drive cars into its range, producing winning models like the Passat, Scirocco, Golf, and Polo. The Golf remains Volkswagen’s best-selling model, but its full range has proved enduringly popular in the used car market. The Fox is a popular choice for buyers looking for a low-cost hatchback, the sturdy Polo fits into the supermini bracket, and the Beetle will always turn heads.

Key features of Volkswagen Cars:
- Well-engineered
- Sturdy
- Versatile
- Well-designed

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