Used Renault Kangoo Cars For Sale

The French seem to have a habit of making cars and vans with the same basic designs – Citroën did it with the Berlingo and Renault have done it with the Kangoo, a vehicle they’ve had in production since 1997. And why not? The needs of a small van are pretty much the same as those for a multi-purpose family runaround, so it’s a great way of cutting down development costs. You’ll be glad to know that the Kangoo MPV does come with rear windows and seats, however! If you’re looking for a used Renault Kangoo for sale, you’re probably already aware of the kind of vehicle you’re after – a super-flexible car that lets you transport a family of five in comfort or carry a month’s worth of shopping, all you need for a camping holiday or some DIY materials in the back. Renault produced a four-wheel drive version called the Trekka, which is great if you’re a countryside dweller or like to take to the hills. There’s a healthy market for second hand Renault Kangoos as people’s multiple purposes have a habit of changing at a moment’s notice.

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