Used Peugeot 807 Cars For Sale

If you’ve got a large family or regularly take groups out and about, you probably won’t find a more versatile and comfortable multi-purpose vehicle than the Peugeot 807. With two seats in the front, three in the middle and another two at the back, you can take a driver and six passengers away in style. The seats are all independently movable, too, and the second row seats can even face backwards, perfect for when you’re stopping off for a picnic. Some versions have fold-down tables like those you might find on an inter-city train, which is perfect for reading or eating, whether you’re on the move or parked up. One day, mathematicians will work out all the possible positions for the seating arrangements as you pile people and luggage into this tunnel of a car, but let’s just say there are plenty. As you move up the range of second hand Peugeot 807s you’ll find refinements such as air conditioning, climate control, parking sensors (very useful in a car this long) and electric sliding doors that are controlled with your key fob. In short, it probably has more mod cons than your home!

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