Used Mercedes-Benz SLK Cars For Sale

The Mercedes-Benz SLK is something of an elder statesman of the road, debuting in 1996 and currently on its third generation. But every generation looks fresh and well built – they’re all Mercedes-Benzes, after all. The SLK’s main selling point is its brilliant electric convertible hard roof, which means you can choose between a coupé and an open-top depending on your mood (and possibly the weather). Unlike a soft-top convertible, it’s a quiet ride with the roof on, and you can even go for a version with a glass roof for maximum light. When you’re seeking out a used Mercedes-Benz SLK for sale, you’ll be quite taken aback by the standard features. Quality interior, climate control, Bluetooth, six air bags and ESP anti-skid technology all come as standard. You’ll find a range of monster engines too, from the 1.8 litre right up to the 5.4 litre V8 in the third generation; however there’s also a 2.1 diesel engine that will deliver an amazing 58 miles per gallon. Second hand Mercedes-Benz SLKs do keep their value incredibly well, so although you might pay a premium price on purchase, you’ll recuperate more of it than you would another brand when it’s time to trade it in.

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