Used Mercedes-Benz CLC Cars For Sale

You know you’re going to get a quality car as soon as you see the Mercedes-Benz badge. You’re guaranteed a lavish interior, bags of accessories and plenty of grunt under the bonnet. The CLC is the coupé version of the C Class range, and is an absolute beauty to look at, utterly comfortable in its own skin and looking fast even when it’s stationary. Rear seating is adequate for short journeys, but this is probably not a family car if your children are teenagers or above – stick with a standard C Class if that’s you. However you do get a generous boot, so if you and your partner travel a lot, it’s perfect, and the rear seats do fold down for a magnificently large space to put your gear. When you’re looking at second hand Mercedes-Benz CLCs, expect quality and features as the CLC comes with an AMG kit, all the trims and sports seats as standard. You’ll also quickly get used to climate control, alloy wheels, a centrally controlled LCD information screen, multiple air bags, anti-skid technology and even an attention assist system that warns you if you’re drifting off at the wheel – unlikely though that is when you’re driving such a thrilling car.

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