Used Honda Insight Cars For Sale

The number of hybrid cars on the market seems to grow every year, but they do come with a hefty price tag to pay for all that electric and petrol wizardry. Not so the Honda Insight, which was designed and built to be the cheapest petrol-electric hybrid on the market. In style, it looks like a cross between its cousins the sixth and ninth generation Civic hatchbacks, and does bear something of a resemblance to its rival the Toyota Prius. Everything about the Insight is geared towards efficiency, from the way the power switches to electric when required to the “game” (for want of a better word) that appears on your dashboard, which is constantly judging how efficiently you’re driving in terms of acceleration, braking and consumption. Do well and it grows virtual plants for you on the display! Since the second generation was launched in 2009, second hand Honda Insights are quite common on the market, in comparison to the overall popularity of the genre of vehicle.

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