Used Fiat Punto Evo Cars For Sale

The original Fiat Grande Punto had been in production since 2005, but in 2012 its successor, the Punto Evo was launched. It’s an updated, facelifted version of the massively popular Punto, the “Evo” of its name referring to the evolution in its design, particularly its engine. It uses Fiat’s MultiAir technology which manages the way air is delivered to the engine in what has for a hundred years been a largely automatic process. It will change the mix and timing to respond to different driving conditions (for example motorways versus stop-start driving), and thus improves power and consumption – which is usually an either/or choice. The sports version can attain 135 bhp and yet manage 50 mpg on a combined cycle. Like most cars, the Evo comes in a range from budget to sports, but even quite low in the range the car comes really well equipped, a standout feature being its optional removable satnav unit which is also the mobile phone, sound system and trip computer. If you’re looking at second hand Fiat Punto Evos, make sure you know which options are included. Seating and boot space are also good in this super mini, so if you’ve got a family, it’s a perfect blend of room, comfort and economy.

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