Used Citroen DS3 Cars For Sale

Long-term Citroen fans will probably have already picked up on those two key letters – DS. The DS is a Citroen icon, a car that was the epitome of French sophistication and styling from the 1950s onwards. While the DS3 might not turn quite as many heads as its predecessor, it still stands out from the crowd. Three models are available; the DS3, DS3 DSport, and DS3 Racing. All three are three-door and available in diesel and petrol. They’re great city run-arounds and can often be snapped up at a great price too.

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Citroen were one of the first manufacturers to mass produce cars outside of the United States and they’ve been innovating ever since. They pioneered front-wheel drive and their hydro pneumatic self-levelling suspension system is highly acclaimed. Now part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group, Citroen is over a hundred years old and now shares design knowledge with Peugeot to great effect. And thanks to the manufacturer’s enduring popularity, there are often many low mileage, economical and high-quality used Citroens on the market.

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