Used Citroen Caddy Maxi C20 Cars For Sale

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi C20 is a car that works hard to families, offering space, safety and quality. A range of diesel and petrol models are available but all Caddys can seat up to seven people without sacrificing storage space. Not only will you find a generous boot but there’s also plenty of hidden storage in the cabin including hidden drawers, nests and trays. Safety features range from city emergency breaking and airbags to electronic stabilisers, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. Upgrade to a newer, high end model to add park assist and a rear-view camera.

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Volkswagen were one of the first manufacturers to mass produce cars outside of the United States and they’ve been innovating ever since. They pioneered front-wheel drive and their hydro pneumatic self-levelling suspension system is highly acclaimed. Now part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group, Volkswagen is over a hundred years old and now shares design knowledge with Peugeot to great effect. And thanks to the manufacturer’s enduring popularity, there are often many low mileage, economical and high-quality used Volkswagen on the market.

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