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A quality executive saloon, the Audi A6 has a lot to offer – and with CO2 emissions of 129g/km and an average return of 57.6mpg, it’s one of the most economical cars in its class. Available as a sleek saloon or spacious Avant estate, the A6 will appeal to anyone in the market for an executive car.

The entry-level SE model comes equipped with cruise control, satellite navigation, parking sensors, and custom bumpers. Spend a little more and you could get optional extras like heated seats, a state-of-the-art stereo, and a heads-up display for the speedometer, tachometer and navigation system. Six-speed manual or Audi’s multi-tronic continuously variable (automatic) transmissions are available depending on the engine.

Safety-wise the A6 is well-equipped with six airbags and a stability control system. Space is also plentiful with head and leg room to satisfy even your tallest friends and family. Fuel economy, the spacious cabin and tight handling could give this car the edge over its rivals. If you love driving, you could love the Audi A6.

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Key Features of Audi Cars • Reliability • Endurance • Performance • Executive style • Value for money

Often the manufacturer of choice for today’s executives yet equally popular as a family car, Audi’s quality is instantly recognisable. As you would expect from an established German manufacturer, Audis are reliable, stylish, and crafted from high-end materials. So, even when carrying a high mileage or travelling long distances, second-hand Audis can deliver excellent performance.

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