The latest Smart City-Coupe cars in stock

This frugally cute city car was once left-hand drive only, but sales skyrocketed when right-hand models became available. Left-hand used Smart City-Coupe prices are now rock-bottom, as if ownership costs weren't low enough, with tiny engines and Chihuahua-level insurance. The range was launched in 2000, but rebranded as the 'fortwo' in 2004. Engines give you six versions of the 599cc and 698cc petrols. Every trim came originally with the 599cc unit and 45 or 54bhp, the lower of which is useful only for buzzing around town. Only the 61bhp, though, can really cut it on the motorway, while the 698cc engine does feature a 74bhp variant, which is also fine for limited motorway duties. If you want a right-hand-drive used Smart City-Coupe, look for a version from September 2001. Trim-wise, the Pure comes with ABS, electric front windows, twin airbags, remote locking and a six-speed automatic gearbox. The Passion builds on this, with air-con and alloys, while the Brabus includes leather seats and 16-inch alloys.