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Women love pampering themselves, men love pampering their cars

Women spend less time pampering their cars than men, according to a survey.

While men often bemoan the lengths women go to make themselves look good, it seems the reverse is true when it comes to the vehicles they own.

The survey, by car supermarket Carcraft, reveals that more than half of women (55%) don’t bother cleaning or valeting their cars each week, compared to 45% of men.

Less than one in four women (24%) spend just one to 15 minutes, with just 12% spending 16 to 30 minutes – the figures for men being 30% and 14% respectively.

And it seems how the car looks on the outside is more important for both sexes, with the paintwork being cleaned more than often than the interior.

In contrast, just 13% of men and 4% of women said they had no time for personal grooming each day.

A majority of men (55%) spent between one and 15 minutes, compared to 39% of women spending the same amount time on themselves.

More than three times as many women than men spent between 31 and 60 minutes on looking good each day.

Julia Dallimore, Carcraft’s Head of Marketing, said: “It’s often said that men spend more time looking after their cars than women.

“In fact some women might complain that their men care more about their cars than they do about them!

“What this survey suggests is that men are more conscious of how their car looks and as a consequence they devote more time to cleaning it while women are more content to let their car look messy or dirty.”

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