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Finding an economical used car

The budget on the 21st of March did not bring the hoped for relief in fuel duty and now is a good time to begin a search for a good used car that is both economical to run and to insure. Rising costs have forced over 1.3 million motorists off the road over a 12 month period and keeping motoring costs down is now more important than ever. A survey in 2011 suggested that drivers spent more than £1,720 a year fuelling their cars, an increase at that time of 23 per cent year-on-year; it is thought to be greater now.

The figures have been released by Sainsbury’s who have said that a 30 per cent increase in insurance premiums has delivered a double-whammy, this has caused many to give up motoring. But now with cars being more efficient than ever before, returning consumption in excess of 60mpg, the cost of motoring in 2012 does not have to force us onto the bus or other public transport. For example buying a car with low emission rates of under 100g/km of CO2, there’s no road tax to pay. Emissions of up to 110g/km attract a tax rate of just £20 per year, while anything up to 120g/km is liable to a £30 tax disc. Begin your search for a good used economical car and start seeing your travel costs come down.

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