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Bad credit get car finance

Most of us need a car to help us in our daily lives – but very few of us can lay our hands on the sums of money required to buy a decent quality car that we’re confident won’t let us down.

At Carcraft we’re expert at selling great cars at the right price for you – and arranging the ideal package to help you buy it. By spreading payments over periods up to five years we seek to help you into the car you want, and to match your budget.

We arrange different packages tailored to you, and can even help in many cases where you have bad loans credit history that might make financing a car difficult.

Many of us have had problems in the past where a change of circumstances have meant that we have missed payments on a credit card or loan, perhaps we’ve lost our job, or having children has put pressure on our finances. Events like these can result in us having a bad credit history and make it more difficult to borrow for the things we need in the future.

If you believe your past credit history might give you a problem then come and talk to us about what you need and talk us through why you believe your bad car credit loan history might cause problems. Our friendly team will look at all the options, we’ll discuss your circumstance with several different car finance companies and if there’s a way to help with your bad credit situation in a way that suits you we’ll find it.

And don’t worry – we’ll be straight with you and let you know if your bad credit history is such that we won’t be able to help. We can’t help everyone – but you can be sure we’ll do everything we can to get you into the driving seat of the car you’re dreaming of.

As with any other credit business, we’ll check the details you give us with a credit reference agency and you need to remember that the check we carry out registers as a search against your name. This is nothing to worry about but it’s often worth remembering that the fewer the number of searches you have the easier you’ll find getting credit.

To apply for finance with Carcraft please click here to be taken to our 30 second car finance application form.

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